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Tareq Sharifa

Co-Founder - Research Manager

Has over 12 years’ experience in  local, regional and international qualitative marketing research.
He is experienced in providing expert and professional management of projects and has extensive experience in moderation and client servicing.
He has deep understanding of the local culture and consumers growing up in the region and working closely with them. Through his experience, he has  handled a variety of research projects including both online and offline studies.
He has intensively worked with young consumers, ultimately developed his abilities and skills as a youth expert. Worked with a wide verity of clients.

Shaghaf Photo.jpeg

Shaghaf Abu Samra

Co-Founder - Research Manager

Shaghaf has over 20 years’ experience in qualitative marketing research and insights across MENA region

She has an intimate knowledge of consumers and how they relate to products, services and brands. Her core expertise lies in brand strategy and  communications motivational research. 

Her vast exposure in MENA is rare and gives her deep cultural understanding of that market. In addition to great moderation skills with groups and in-depth interviews in the region she has the ability to easily communicate with locals and understand their habits & behavior.

Shaghaf has  worked with a wide variety of clients and has excellent client servicing and product management skills

Managing Team: Clients
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