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We use technology to bring people together in their own environment to get fresh and authentic insight.   
Online  methods can be used for most study types – combined with traditional methods or alone.  Concepts or tools can be simple but their interpretation and findings can be complex.

Online Qualitative

Online Qualitative Focus Groups

This method allows  to create interactive and cost-effective respondents discussion, diaries and pre-tasks

Over 2 hour duration, a discussion can be enabled in different languages, respondents can post pictures, videos, articles and other links to the board platform per the study objectives

Digital Community

Online Community

This method offers a ‘window’ into consumer’s world, enables the capture of rich ‘in-the-moment’ and ‘on-the-go’ experiences directly as they happen through text commentary, images, video and audio clips

Has proven more effective in understanding consumers at a very personal level vs. traditional methods – from wardrobe ‘tours’ to live shopping trips, web surfing videos and beyond – the digital platform offers a less intrusive and more relevant way to engage today’s consumer

Online Services: Services
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