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Our Qualitative Research and Insights expertise allows us to tackle a wide range of marketing challenges. We have however developed a particular expertise in the following areas to meet our clients’ most common research needs

Focus Group Discussion

Big Desk

Full, Mini, Triads, Creative & Peer

We provide all types of focus groups discussions with high quality recruitment and supervision.

In Depth Interviews

Business Meeting

Solo & Paired

We cover different types of in-depth interviews; solo or paired based on the need of the study.


Blond Smiling Woman


In our Ethnographies we cover different sides and elements of the participants lifestyle and habits. Interacting with them on different levels.


Yellow Backpack

Solo, Paired & Triads

We Provide different types of shopalongs covering solo, paired or triads.

Offline Services: Services

Consumer Immersions & Safari

Lonely Traveller

Consumer Immersions

In Immersions we interact with participants thoroughly and deeply.
Give our clients a better understanding of ‘WHO’ their consumers are – their lifestyles, needs and the role of brands within their lives.

In Home Visits

Textile Shop

In Home Visits

In our IHVs we get to have a closer look into consumers while in their own habitat, lifestyle, outlook, needs in a very spontaneous atmosphere.

Clinics & Workshops

Brainstorming Session

Clinics & Workshops

Full engagement and participation between us and the consumers to create a productive atmosphere.

Offline Services: Services
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